Jun-Hyung Park

Mary McConnell, Columbia GSAPP Architecture M.Arch. Student

A journey from Korea to New Orleans, and then to New York and  Columbia GSAPP 

  • Arch. School Attended: Columbia GSAPP, MSAUD
  • Began working with ASR: as an Architecture Student at Tulane University
  • Design Background prior to working with ASR: B.Arch and M.Arch Degrees from Tulane University
  • Interest: Architecture and Urban Design and Development
  • Today: Columbia GSAPP Graduate, and pursuing a career as an architect in China, currently working at the office of Pelli, Clarke, Pelli Architects in Shanghai. 

“I think I benefited from my work at ASR in multiple ways, but the greatest benefit was that my strategist practically forced me to adjust my way of thinking and to see design from a completely different perspective.

As an architecture student at Tulane, I spent almost 8 years pursuing a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree and harnessing my skills. The microcosm of New Orleans, and the design approaches that I was taught forced me to develop projects in very specific ways and not to think outside the box. By helping me deal with and change this fact, my strategist helped me develop a portfolio that exceeded everyone’s expectations, even those of professors who knew me for years. 

My portfolio contained projects that I had developed over the course of many years, but the ideas they represented were far more advanced, sophisticated, exciting, and in line with my competitive identity. 

ASR helped me optimize my application, but they also helped me develop a completely new perspective of who I was as a designer, and where I fit as a thinker.”

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