Danielle Cara Sy

From the Philippines to the world’s top design school, the Rhode Island School of Design.

  • Arch. School Attended: Rhode Island School of Design, B.Arch. Program
  • Began working with ASR: as a B.Arch. student at U of Philippines 
  • Design Background prior to working with ASR: Two years of architecture coursework at the University of the Philippines – Applied to RISD as a transfer student
  • Interest: Architecture and Landscape Design
  • Today: RISD B.Arch. graduate, pursuing an architectural career in NYC – currently employed at an ambitious and award-winning architectural firm in New York City.

“I began working with ASR about 3 months before application deadlines, and I was very concerned that a) I did not have enough time to make it, and b) that I did not have the ability to compete at the level of top architecture school candidates.

As my work progressed, I was able to develop my self-confidence, and that’s thanks to my strategist’s focus on my strengths and on how to build on them rather than on my obvious weaknesses. It was a very successful approach. 

We ended up creating an amazing strategy which I still use for my career, and has inspired me to build a portfolio full of exciting and unique projects, representing my own ideas and favorite issues.”

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