Our Strategic Approach

We help our students build their portfolios and architecture school applications using strong, rationally developed strategies. Strategy addresses what makes each candidate ideal and unique. Ideal refers to excellence, and unique refers to differentiation. Our strategic processes and tools help us achieve both.

Our Online Strategy Studios

Our strategic development studios use several proprietary tools of ASR, centered around a well-defined, free-associative process of design-thinking, built to allow our students to build unique strategies. Our courses are available both on 1-on-1 basis and in group formats, both online and at our offices.

“ASR has been built on the foundation of a core idea: to help architecture school applicants self-imagine, self-create and self-discover. “


We have helped thousands of Architecture School candidates develop their own strategies, many of whom continued to work with us on the design and development of their entire application, including their portfolio.


Our strategists bring together a rare combination of design excellence and strategic astuteness, which is essential when the stakes are so high and when dealing with complex strategies.


Our process is designed to engage our students and push them to create an architecture school admissions strategy that represents them and provides a platform for the entire application to be powerful and competitive.

Anita Sellers, Harvard GSD Architecture M.Arch. Student
Aleeya Khan, Columbia GSAPP Architecture M.Arch. Student
architecture school portfolio

Anita Sellers, M.Arch., HARVARD GSD

” We worked exclusively on my Strategy for about one week, and came up with an approach, which encapsulated my passion for pattern recognition. The entire process of building the portfolio and application from scratch took about four months, during which we kept revisiting the strategy, and perfecting it little by little. It was an enlightening process. It really helped me be more competitive and learn a lot about myself in the process”

Aleeya Khan, M.Arch., COLUMBIA GSAPP

” We went through a process that began with an evaluation of an essay that I had already written, as well as some design exercises. This led to a strong strategy, which really represented who I was at that moment. We finally used this strategy to develop everything, including the portfolio, essay and the rest of the application. The result was a well balanced application, which communicated well integrated ideas forming my personal story and establishing my unique identity as a candidate.”

Doda Garcia Mora, M.Arch., CORNELL AAP

” I was pretty unaware of what I needed to do at the beginning of the process. I thought the portfolio is just a few slides thrown together. Then I realized that the strategy is what makes of breaks an application, and I worked with ASR to develop something exciting. We then went on to build my portfolio, essay, and overall application. I think I owe most of my success to this strategy that we built in the first few days of the process.”

Our Strategists

Our strategists come from some of the best design schools in the world, including Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, TU Delft and the Architectural Association

Jun Liang, Strategist – M.Arch., UC Berkeley

“I am excited whenever I get to meet and work with a new student, because I always see it as an opportunity to mentor and teach everything I know as an architect and former UC Berkeley M.Arch. student”. When I was an architecture student at UC Berkeley I realized that the school you go to, can define the rest of your life. I now get to guide my students and help them build their applications while self-discovering/ self-building. I could not ask for more from my work.”

Judy Morrow, Strategist – M.Arch., COLUMBIA GSAPP

“Using strategy to achieve very specific objectives is my passion. I also know how hard it is to get into architecture school, and I am always intrigued by how the strategies that we build for our students truly transform them into real contenders. It also fascinates me how some of my students identify with their strategies and keep using it later in architecture school. Our work together seems to have a meaning for them, which they carry into their careers, which makes me proud.”

Evangelos P. Limpantoudis, Strategist and Founder of ASR – M.Arch. MIT

“I have worked with literally hundreds of students since I founded ASR, and every time I get amazed by the richness of ideas and ability hidden beneath layers and layers of self-doubt. I feel that my job is to first of all help my students believe in themselves, and then help them pull together their thoughts, ideas and ambitions into a package that makes them truly special.”

Insights on Admissions Strategy

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