Studio 1 – Urban Neighborhood of the Future



For added security, please follow the instructions to fully activate your Studio Workspace


Make sure that you are logged into Gsuite using your Architecture School Review credentials (email and password). If you are logged in with your personal Gmail account, please log out and log back in using the your ASR credentials.

Bulleting Board:

  • click button
  • in the new screen, upper right side, click plus sign (+)
  • click join class
  • enter code: cws34

Meeting Space:

  • Click the button
  • Make sure that your Mic and Camera are connected and allowed to connect
  • Press ‘Join Meeting’
  • If you need to share your screen with your team, click on ‘present now’ (bottom right) and choose the entire screen, or a window.


  • Click the button
  • A window will apprear asking you if you want to add a calendar. Press ADD